Sunday 5 November 2017

My review of Logojoy

If you have a blog, you want it to look nice. In the 90s, this would have meant learning simple html so you could create huge flashing fonts and centred text. Thankfully, things have come a long way since then. Nowadays, most blogs are clean-looking, white and easy to read. Branding is important. It doesn't matter why you blog or what you blog about, you want people to read it; if you didn't, you'd write a diary instead.

Logojoy is a website that creates logos without any hassle. I was asked to give it a try and share my thoughts in a review. I usually do everything for my blog myself, which is why it doesn't look all that professional. It needs neatening up and I rarely find the time for such things, it's admin I let fall to the wayside.

So, I had a quick look at Logojoy to see if it would make things easier. If you have a blog or small business and want to design a logo quickly and cheaply, Logojoy could be for you. It's really easy to use and I was able to mock up a new logo in minutes.

To begin with, I was asked to select a few of my favourite logos from a list of options. There was a good mix of styles with various font styles and layouts to choose from. I was then asked to pick out some colours and symbols I liked. This information was then used to create some logos for my blog. This only took a few minutes to achieve and then I was able to go through the options. 

There were lots of different logos, with various colours, fonts and layouts. Some of them weren't to my taste at all, but others looked more promising. There was a decent selection which probably means there was something to suit everyone. I looked through quite a few options before narrowing it down to the ones I liked best. I then chose my favourite and then did some final edits such as changing the colour (gold foil - fancy, eh?) and perfecting the layout.

Once I was happy with the logo, I was given the option to purchase it. The site is free to use and you only pay once you're completely happy with the logo. It costs $65 for the premium option which provides you with high-resolution files, full copyright ownership and allows you to make future changes to the logo. It was much quicker than trying to design a new logo myself using Photoshop, though I think I could have come up with a similar logo if I had the time available.  

You can try Logojoy for free today - be sure to let me know how you get on! 

ps, what did you think of my logo? 

Thanks to Logojoy for making this post possible. 

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