Wednesday 15 November 2017

A Starry Christmas with Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox is one of my favourite sites to browse for home inspiration. Their stuff is simply gorgeous. I spent many an hour browsing their site when I was planning my kitchen and trying to work out exactly how I wanted it to look. All of their stuff is beautiful. Usually, no matter how much I love a brand, there are plenty of products I don’t like, but this is not true of Cox & Cox. I love everything they sell. Their stuff is rustic and industrial and modern, and I just love it.

They recently launched the Cox & Cox Christmas 2017 range and, as expected, I want it all. I have picked out a few of my favourite bits (although trust me, I could have included pretty much their entire product range in this list… but that would be weird) to share with you.

I love this star. I love the carnival feel of the bulbs and the natural rustic look of the wood. It’s pretty big at 50 cm high and it would look amazing on my hearth (where it would stay for approximately 10 seconds before the toddler picked it up and ran away with it). We don’t have a fire in the living room, just an open grate filled with logs for decoration, but I think a big light like this would make the room feel cosier.

I really like these, there is something very cute about the foil star on the plain background. I like baubles you can’t but help but look at and I think the cream background of these baubles would make sure they stood out against the dark green of the Christmas tree.

Isn’t this beautiful? I love the shiny polished finish and the way it glints in the light, it would look great hung on a tree. It’s simple and beautiful which pretty much sums up Cox & Cox. I didn’t set out to create a wishlist of stars, but that’s kind of the way it’s going here. I can’t help it, all of these star decorations are simply gorgeous.

Ok, I hear you, enough of the stars already. How about some houses, instead? I have a soft spot for wintry house silhouettes, they always make me feel warm and cosy. I really love these string lights, they would look perfect draped over the mantelpiece. The little houses are inspired by scandi architecture which only makes me love them more.

Stars and houses, that seems to be my theme. We once took Ebony to see a really beautiful show called I Believe In Unicorns by Danyah Miller and these tea light houses remind me of it. She had these books on stage with her, that opened up to reveal beautiful paper houses, lit up from the inside.

Isn’t this clever? You don’t need to hammer nails into your beautiful wooden fireplace (as I have done in every house I’ve ever lived in), you can just use one of these. I had no idea these existed. I quite like the random nails sticking out of my fireplace, they remind me of Christmas whenever I see them. But if I didn’t, I would definitely invest in some of these.

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