Tuesday 7 November 2017

A Christmas Gift Guide with UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods invited me to create a gift guide from the selection of gifts on their website. I decided to create a Christmas gift guide for men, taking into account the things I thought Laurie might like. Not that all this stuff is ‘men’ stuff, it’s just stuff I liked the look of. Anyway, here’s a few ideas of what to buy the man in your life this Christmas:

You can’t go wrong with an instant camera. Laurie had one when we were teenagers. I think he had it for about three weeks before he lost it. Hopefully, this one might last a little longer, probably not though.

Laurie is a big fan of ginger beer. Bleurgh. It reminds me of morning sickness.

We have a lot of board games and we never play them because we never have time. There’s no point attempting to play a game when you have a small child who wakes up a lot. But, I will continue to buy games because one day our children might sleep and then we will need games to occupy us from the loneliness of no longer being needed.

4. Sea of love print £22.75
I’m trying to slowly fill the walls of our home with prints which means Laurie gets a print for every occasion. Plus, who doesn’t love whales?

I think these are so cute, they look like the perfect way to fill quiet weekends without spending ages trying to decide what to do.

This kit allows you to make your own vegan cheese, what more could a person want?! We’ve never attempted our own vegan cheese, it’s just so easy to get hold of it at the supermarket.

UncommonGoods sell products that exist in harmony with the environment and without harming people or animals. They promote fair pay and good working environments, so you don’t need to feel guilty about purchasing any of their beautiful products.

In collaboration with Uncommongoods.

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