Thursday 14 November 2019

3 Ways to Save Money When Buying Furniture for the Home

This is a collaborative post.

Decorating can be a costly business, especially when you’re starting from scratch. There’s nothing better
than completely gutting a room and starting with a blank page, but the costs can soon add up. 

Furniture can be expensive. If you’re trying to furnish a whole room in one go, you could be surprised by
how soon your budget is gone. Big items like sofas, dining tables and bed can cost a lot, but it’s the little
things that soon add up. If you want a sideboard or a shoe storage cabinet, a coffee table or a bookcase,
things can quickly become expensive. 

One thing to consider is how long the furniture is likely to last. If you’re hoping to buy once and enjoy it
forever, then, by all means, spend away. If you are seeing each piece of furniture as an investment for
the future, don’t worry too much about the cost. If, however, you are likely to be bored of it all within a
couple of years, you may want to spend less. If you know, perhaps from past experience, that you will
be replacing it all within a couple of years, there’s no point in blowing your budget. 

Here are some ways you can save money when buying furniture for your home:

1. Shop in the right places
Buying furniture from a trade furniture company could save you a lot of money. Trade furniture
companies sell to furniture shops and home stores, but many also sell directly to the public. You can
save money by cutting out the middle man and going direct to the source. Buying directly from a trade
furniture company means you get the same great deal as trade buyers. 

2. Buy at the right time
Lots of furniture shops have sales during the year. If you find furniture you love, it makes sense to wait
until there’s a sale before you buy it. For this reason, it’s worth choosing your furniture long before you
need it so that you have plenty of time to wait for a sale. While some shops may only offer 10%
discounts, others will offer way more, you may even be able to save 50% on your purchases. A quick
Google search should tell you when a shop’s latest sales were so you can guesstimate when the next
one might be.

3. Buy secondhand 
You might be surprised how cheap you can buy secondhand furniture. Some people even give them
away. Of course, what you save in money, you’ll lose in time, because it can take a while to find the
perfect pieces secondhand. You can search online on Facebook Marketplace, eBay and other similar
sites. Search for a local auction house and monitor their furniture auctions. Pop into your local charity
shop or secondhand furniture shop and see if they have anything that suits your style. Buying
secondhand can save you a lot of money and it won’t take much to get those bargain finds looking as
good as new. 

Do you have any tips to share about saving money when furniture shopping?  

This is a collaborative post.

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