Sunday 18 November 2012

My One Track Mind

I don’t know if this is true of all parents, but since having Ebony I have developed a one track mind. All information processed by my poor exhausted brain travels along the but what about the children track. It’s as though my pre-Ebony brain has withered and died.

Monday 12 November 2012

Homemade Christmas Stockings

I spent Saturday having some quality time with my* sewing machine. Laurie enjoyed some one to one bonding time with Ebony who is both teething and full of a cold. I think I picked the right weekend for my time off. Not that you get much time off when the teething, snotty baby requires frequent feeding and simply wants to check you're still alive. But, I got some time to myself for a change which was a real luxury.

I spent the day making a quilted Christmas stocking for Ebony, and, even though the stitching is far from straight and the corners don't match up, I'm really proud of it.
Ebony's is the stocking with the E on it (obviously) and the other one belongs to Laurie. I originally made that one for Ebony a few months ago but wanted to try a second attempt to see if I could improve it.
Ebony's stocking
Me and my sister have special homemade stockings that my Mum made for us, and I wanted Ebony to have her own stocking too. The significant difference is that the ones my Mum made are so good they look shop bought (in fact I only recently discovered they weren't) whereas poor Ebony's looks very... Homemade.
The stockings are far from perfect, but I really enjoyed doing them. And I'm sure I will enjoy darning them (to compensate for my shoddy stitching) every Christmas Eve until the end of time. It will be like a family tradition. But a shit one that involves lots of swearing at a sewing machine.
* The sewing machine actually belongs to my Mum, but until she demands it back, I shall, like any adoptive mother, treat it as my own.

Tuesday 6 November 2012

My Little Ebony

On Friday, my baby will be ten months old. I think I have spent most of that time exclaiming about how quickly time is passing, but it’s true. One minute you are holding your baby for the first time, and, what seems like just moments later, you are looking at them as they stand unaided for the first time. 

Thursday 1 November 2012

No More Pub Thursdays

As I type this, Ebony is asleep in her cot. It’s almost impossible for me to find the time to write these days. It seems that I am constantly busy these days. Even if I’m in the house, I’m looking after an adventurous mobile baby so I don’t have a minute to myself. 

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