Thursday 9 November 2017

5 Things To Do Today To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

It can be tricky working out when to pack up all the garden thing and accept that summer is finally over. You think it’s over and then, all of a sudden, glorious rays of sunshine force their way through the rain clouds and you find yourself in the garden once again. A pot of tea on the picnic table beside you, and kids playing happily in the sandpit at your feet. And then the rain and the wind come back with a vengeance, but you can’t bring yourself to tidy away the garden just yet because you never know, the sun might come back.

Well, it’s November now. You won’t see the sun again for a few months. It’s time to accept that the colder months are upon us. And, even though it’s probably the last place you want to be now that it’s cold, there are some things you should be doing out there. If you get these jobs out of the way now, your outside space will be off to a better start come 2018.

1. Tidy away garden furniture
If you aren’t going to be using the garden much over the winter, it makes sense to tidy away any garden furniture. The bad weather will cause wood to rot and damage plastic, so keep your furniture and garden toys out of the weather. If you have space, store them in sheds or outbuildings, but if not a furniture cover will provide adequate protection.

2. Clean up fallen leaves
Your lawn is probably full of fallen leaves at this time of year. Investing in a leaf blower like this from SGS Engineering will take the hassle out of keeping your lawn free from autumn leaves. Clearing away the leaves will help to protect your lawn during the winter months. Rotten leaves and other debris can prevent lawns from breathing during the winter and, if left for a long time, can even cause problems when it’s time for new grass to grow in the spring.

3. Move sensitive plants indoors
Some plants won’t make it through the winter if left outside. Geraniums, for example, will be unlikely to survive the frost if left outside, so it pays to take them in for the colder months. Check all plants thoroughly before bringing them inside, there’s no point bringing in diseased plants. Outdoor plants can be potted up and kept indoors over winter, then you can replant in spring when the temperature heats up a little.

4. Plant tulip bulbs
Now is the perfect time to plant those tulip bulbs ready for next spring. Tulips are hardy bulbs that will survive the frost, so you should plant them in the autumn ready to bloom the following spring. You can cover the soil above with fallen holly leaves to protect the bulbs from potential predators.

5. Put the bird seed out
Birds are an important garden visitor that help to maintain a healthy ecosystem in your garden. To encourage birds to visit your garden, make sure there is plenty of food, water and shelter available. Invest in a bird feeder and bird boxes, but be sure to keep them away from cats and other predators. A bird bath will go down a treat, birds get thirsty all year round and can find it difficult to find water during the winter months when water turns to ice.

This is a collaborative post.

Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

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