Monday 13 November 2017

Christmas Gifts for Kids with F.Hinds

Choosing Christmas presents for kids isn’t easy. You want to get them something special, something they will appreciate and, most importantly, something that won’t make their parents hate you (no recorders, thank you). If you don’t know what else they’re getting, you won’t want to risk doubling up on gifts. Try opting for more unusual gift options to reduce the risk of buying the same gift as somebody else. Here are a few good options from F.Hinds Jewellers:

Ebony is a huge Beauty & The Beast fan. She particularly loves Chip because she finds him hilarious (also because he is called chip because He Has A Chip which seems to have blown her mind). She would love something like this. She loves having special Christmas decorations that are hers to put up. They have quite a few different options for hanging ornaments so it’s worth looking at what’s available.

How cute is this?! A charm a day and by Christmas you have a festive charm bracelet. Ebony would love something like this, and I can imagine slightly older kids would find it a welcome change from the usual advent calendars on sale. It’s an advent calendar with a difference, and they’ll be left with something they can keep forever at the end of it.

Some of the proceeds go to Great Ormond Street Hospital so you can feel super smug about choosing this gift. It’s a collector’s gift so while some kids may love lugging it around with them everywhere they go, it will look equally at home displayed on a bedroom shelf. It looks very soft, no?

Dinosaurs will never not be cool. Anything dinosaur themed makes for a good gift. And you can’t go wrong with a money box, Ebony loves to fill them with stolen euros and discontinued pound coins. She has one money box entirely filled with pennies. It isn’t small yet it probably contains only about 75 pence. When you hoard bronze like she does, you can never have enough money boxes.

I really want to get Ebony one of these. I had one when I was little (who didn’t, right?) and just hearing the song it played makes me feel really nostalgic. Mine was blue with a pink interior and a small plastic ballerina who never tired of dancing. I used to keep my jewellery inside it. I can remember opening it just to hear the song, watching the ballerina twist. Also, I used to bend the ballerina and eventually she snapped off, but maybe Ebony wouldn’t do this.

6. Pro Scooter (various prices)
If you're looking for a present that will help your kids stay active, improve their health and encourage your family to spend time outdoors, look no further. A scooter is a perfect way to tempt our kids outside, even in bad weather. A scooter can add fun to the school run or a trip to the shops, it's a purchase you won't regret making. Take a look at some of the scooters on offer here.

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