Saturday 4 January 2014

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #31

 After our great adventure on Christmas Day, we ended up cooped indoors playing with our new toys and generally enjoying some quality family time over the holidays. After a couple of days, however, we were starting to get cabin fever. And so, in the hope of tiring Ebony out before bed, we went for an evening stroll. I don’t think it was actually very late when we set off, but the dark evenings made it seem more exciting.

We asked Ebony if she wanted to go and find the moon, and she said yes. We got all wrapped up warm, thinking we would be walking through fields, and made sure we had our wellies on before setting off. At first Ebony was happy to walk holding our hands, marching as fast as her little legs could take her.

As we walked down the main road, she would excitedly point out Christmas trees in the windows, and fairy lights strung up outside houses. There is a particularly tacky house not far from us, and when we reached the flickering neon santa, Ebony exclaimed simply, “Wow,” which I think sums up my feelings about the display perfectly.

As we were walking along, we were pointing out stars to Ebony, and she was desperately trying to find the moon. It wasn’t there, however, which was slightly disappointing for her. We walked through a shabby gate, onto a public footpath through a pitch black field, and made it half way up the field before deciding that this was slightly terrifying and walking back to the main road. We continued our walk along the main road (which I should say at this point, is the main road of a village, and therefore not particularly big or busy), looking out for the moon and constellations as we went. Ebony was tired, and so ended up travelling home by sitting on Laurie’s shoulders.

Later in the week we also went for a walk in Glossop. We did a two mile walk, although Ebony probably only walked for about half a mile at most. Though this made up the bulk of the walk timewise, because every single hen, dog and puddle must be thoroughly inspected. After walking half a mile, she requested to go in the carrier and promptly fell asleep.

Have you been on any adventures over the holidays?

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