Thursday 16 January 2014

We Like to Read: V is for Vegan

 V is for Vegan by Ruby Roth

This book is a firm favourite, and Ebony asks me to read ‘vegan book’ most afternoons, along with a couple of other stories. It’s an A-Z book, with rhyming words, and beautiful illustrations. Ebony has a couple of books about veganism, but this is by far the best. Most of the others are too long, uninspiring or feature vegetarians as weak characters (I hate that).

Ebony isn’t old enough to understand veganism yet, she knows the word, and understands that she drinks soya milk instead of cow’s milk, and eats vegan cheese instead of cheese, but anything other than that is beyond her. I think it’s important to introduce these concepts early, because they are a part of our daily lives, so that she will grow up understanding why we choose not to eat certain foods or use certain products.

What I love most about this book, is that it’s simply a positive look at a vegan lifestyle. It talks about eating healthy, recycling, and rescuing animals. It doesn’t talk about factory farming, fur production or animal testing. Of course, all of those issues are important, but I would like to start Ebony’s understanding of veganism from a positive place.

Ebony knows lots of the word to the book, and shouts bits out as we go along. She also mimics the illustrations, and tells me about each page. I’m really pleased she likes it so much, because it’s a great book to read aloud.

If you are looking for good stories to read to your vegan children, this I would strongly recommend this book. It is aimed at 4-8 year olds, but Ebony has loved it she was about 19 months old so it is more than suitable for a younger audience.

You can buy a copy of V is for Vegan here.


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