Tuesday 14 January 2014

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #32

I’m a bit behind writing up these great adventures, which I can only blame on my annual three weeks of utter stress with Christmas and Ebony’s birthday. Now that this breakdown-inducing season is officially over, I shall hopefully be able to get back on track and start properly maintaining this blog, as well as my house and eyebrows.

For our 29th adventure we went to Delamere Forest and it was beautiful so we planned to return. It’s ideally placed for a meet up with my friends from university, so we arranged to go for a walk over the Christmas holidays. It was supposed to rain all day, but luckily the weather held off and we just had the cold to deal with.

We followed the Stick Man trail, a two mile walk along nice wide paths. There were plenty of things to see along the way, and it was a great trail for Ebony. She walked a lot of the way, albeit very slowly, so it was more of a wait than a walk, but it was fun. Ebony kept offroading, running into the trees at the side of the path, keen for a game of hide and seek or to try and find the gruffalo…

There were huge areas of leaves strewn across the forest floor, and Ebony had great fun marching through these in her wellies. She loves searching for things on the floor, and is always picking up interesting pine cones, sticks and stones to put in her pocket for later. I am forever picking foliage out of washing machine.

About half way round she decided she didn’t want to wear her coat, despite the fact the rest of us were freezing, and marched ahead of us in just her cardigan. It was a lovely day, it was fun to combine an adventure with seeing friends, and I think we shall probably do it again later in the year.

Have you been on any great adventures this week?

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