Sunday 29 December 2013

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #30

I love family traditions, and Christmas especially is full of them. From the new pyjamas waiting outside the bathroom on Christmas Eve, to the satsuma in the stockings on the fireplace, I love carrying on traditions for the newest generation. I also love creating our own traditions, and finding new things to incorporate into our family rituals.

Last year we decided to have sushi on Christmas Eve. Home made sushi always seems to take ages to make, and is a bit of a faff, so we rarely get round to making it. By dressing it up as a ‘Christmas tradition’, I can now guarantee myself an evening of sushi at least once a year.

I love hearing about other people’s Christmases, and how they celebrate with their families. A few of my friends reported enjoying Christmas Day walks with their families, and though we never did this growing up, I thought this sounded lovely. Christmas is such an indulgent time - chocolate for breakfast, prosecco before lunch, and presents filling the living room - I loved the idea of getting away from it all and spending some time outdoors.

So, for our thirtieth great adventure, we took a walk with my parents on Christmas Day. We drove down to Etherow Park, and walked once around the lake. It was a nice crisp day, and Ebony was able to show of her beautiful new scarf (lovingly knitted by a friend). Ebony wasn’t overly keen on walking the whole way round, but walked part way with a bit of persuasion (and chasing).

It was nice to go for a walk on Christmas Day, and Ebony was suitably tired out and ready for her nap by the time we got home. It will definitely be a part of our family Christmas from now on, because it was such a lovely way to break up the day.
Did you go for any  great adventures on Christmas Day? 

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