Tuesday 29 December 2015

Pregnancy Update: Week 7

I’m seven weeks now. I can’t say whether time is going fast or slow. Sometimes it seems to be crawling by, and other days I can’t believe three weeks have passed already since I found out I was pregnant.

It was Christmas this week. It is not good to be seven weeks pregnant over Christmas. Not only are you too exhausted to have much fun, you can’t drink anything and, if you’re me, you throw up your Christmas dinner. There is nothing worse than throwing up Christmas dinner, especially if you were the one who just cooked the whole bloody thing.  

I guess on the good side, I don’t need to worry about putting on extra weight over Christmas because I threw up most of the things I ate over the festive period anyway. Christmas Eve was really tiring, I spent the morning tidying and trying to get sorted while Laurie and Ebony were out. Then we all went to The Lowry to watch the Snow Child (which was wonderful).

On Christmas Day, Ebony didn’t wake up too early which meant I wasn’t quite as exhausted as I was expecting to be. We spent the morning unwrapping and playing with presents, and it was really nice to spend the morning just the three of us. Then we had a quick walk before heading home to greet my parents.

I cooked Christmas dinner and cheated with a store bought nut roast, which I think is acceptable if you’re pregnant. There’s not much point slaving away over something I’m going to throw up, is there? I ate dinner and then threw it up.

And I fell asleep putting Ebony to bed, and eventually arrived back downstairs to find everyone else had gotten a little drunk and broken out the board games. I managed to stay awake for a couple more hours before retiring to bed, where I slept for about 12 hours. Who knew pregnancy would be so tiring?!

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