Tuesday 2 February 2016

Pregnancy Update: Week 12

Week 12 has been pretty exciting. We finally got to have our ultrasound scan (the first trimester crawls by so slowly) and see our wriggly baby on the screen. The sonographer was really nice and it was really lovely to take Ebony in with us so she could see her future brother or sister on screen. Finally knowing there was a healthy baby in there was a huge weight off my mind, and we were finally able to share the news with the world. We’d already told most of our friends and family, but it was good to be able to finally write it on this blog. It’s weird trying to blog when you have a massive secret that is affecting each and every area of your life.

Ebony took her scan picture into nursery with her and showed it to absolutely everybody. I stuck it into a little card to keep it safe and she’s been carrying it around in her coat pocket. It was really lovely seeing how proud she was of the scan photo, I think she is going to be a really lovely big sister.

I’ve been struggling with horrendous morning sickness all week. But not morning sickness, all-the-fucking-time sickness. I think I’ve literally thrown up pretty much every morsel of food I’ve managed to eat over the past few weeks. It’s been pretty miserable. When I was pregnant with Ebony, I was sick a lot but much earlier in the pregnancy. And I didn’t seem to be quite so sick, this time, it has been pretty violent so I’m sure most of my food has been coming back up.

I went out for a meal on Friday night and threw up for a few hours after I got home. For the record, throwing up broccoli soup is really not pleasant, at all. The next morning, I went for lunch with my family and threw everything up again. This was particularly depressing because we’d gone to Lolo’s, a new vegan restaurant in Ramsbottom and the food was really really good. It is horrible to throw up really good food. That night, I was interviewed for an Australian breakfast show and somehow managed not to puke up on air. The next day, we went for another family meal with my Nanny and, once again, I threw it all up. I should probably stop eating out because it is clearly a waste of money.

Luckily, however, the sickness started to subside. I was worried I was going to be stuck with it until later in the pregnancy, but I haven’t been sick so far today so I think things are picking up. I’m still feeling pretty exhausted, but if the sickness goes then, at least, I’ll start to feel a little more human.  

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