Wednesday 17 February 2016

Getting the House Sorted Before the Baby Arrives

We’ll have been living in our house for two years in May though it really doesn’t seem so long. There are quite a few jobs I want to get done before the baby arrives, not least because I know we won’t get anything done with a baby in the house. I think we’ve gotten used to having a bit more freedom now that Ebony is older, so I know looking after a newborn again will come as a bit of a shock. At the moment, I can easily paint a room, organise some storage or move furniture around whilst Ebony entertains herself.

There are six months until the baby arrives and plenty to do in that time. We have a downstairs bathroom which currently doesn’t work (and never has), but my dad is going to be fitting a new one for us shortly. We also have some tiles to go down in the conservatory and utility room which should make things look a little tidier. There’s also quite a few odds and ends that still need finishing in the kitchen. There are no blinds in there at the moment, so I’ve been looking at the range of VELUX blinds on offer. I also really want a SMEG kettle and toaster to go in there. There’s also plenty of work to be done in the garden, which is depressing because I did lots last year and it feels somewhat never-ending. Ebony will be getting a playhouse soon (again, courtesy of my very skilled father), so I need to sort out the bottom of the garden for that.

One of the jobs I really want to get done, is our bedroom. It desperately needs doing, we haven’t really touched it since we moved in. Well, we put some blinds up last week so that was pretty exciting. I think it’s going to be quite a big job, so I’m hoping we can get started on it pretty soon. I love the idea of being tucked up that first night of a family of four in our newly decorated bedroom with framed prints, so I’m really hoping I can make that a reality. I think one of the most important things I want for the new bedroom is a super king bed. We have a double at the moment and when Ebony chooses to get into our bed, well, there isn’t much room. I don’t ever want to have to turn Ebony away because there’s no room for her now that there is a new baby, so a bigger bed is at the top of my list. I’m not convinced that a king size would really feel that much bigger, so I’m planning to get a super king bed. I can’t imagine anything nicer than having a bed big enough for us all to snuggle in on that first night as a family of four.

I’d also really like a nice dressing table so that I have a more organised approach to my make p and the like. I’m hoping I’ll be able to fit one of these into our room, hopefully, there will be room even after the bed goes in. I feel hopeful that we’ll manage to get all of this work done before August, but also I’m 15 weeks today and can’t quite believe how fast this pregnancy seems to be going, so I’m also a bit worried that the baby will be here before I know it.

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