Thursday 15 May 2014

Living Arrows 19/52

One day last week, Ebony and I headed into Manchester to do some shopping. We're going on holiday in a few weeks, so she needed some bits and pieces for that. It was such a lovely day, I really enjoyed walking round the shops with her, even if I spent most of the time asking her not to climb the clothing rails.

She was thrilled to finally own a pair of sunglasses, and wore them for most of the shopping trip. In the rain. We were looking for a summer hat too, and stumbled across this beauty in Boots. They have the cutest clothes in Boots, but it's always the last place I think to look.

Every time it's sunny now, Ebony marches round the house exclaiming that she will be wearing, "summer shoes", "summer sunglasses" and "summer legs" (bare legs). Today she even wanted to wear summer bottom, but I managed to convince her this may not be the best idea.
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