Sunday 11 May 2014

Recipe: Vegan Chocolate & Toffee Ice Cream

Being the healthy-focused vegans that we are, Laurie and I sometimes spend time discussing sugary foods we want to try recreating. After a particularly successful attempt at toffee popcorn one evening, we decided the toffee sauce would be perfect in ice cream.

Months later my parents set off on their annual migration to warmer lands, and we once again had their ice cream maker bestowed upon us. At last we were able to put our plan into action.

So, when Morrisons sent me vouchers to spend in store, I decided to buy some ingredients to make out long awaited dreams come true.

We used Wheeler Del Toro's vegan vanilla ice cream recipe because we had used it successfully before. It's a good recipe, though I think perhaps it was a little too watery, so we may try experimenting a bit with it next time.

Once the ice cream was whizzing round in the machine, Laurie set to work recreating his toffee sauce. It's never easy to remember the exact ingredients or method of drunk cooking, so I don't think the sauce was identical to the popcorn sauce, but this is roughly what we did:

1/2 cup vegan margarine (we used Vitalite)
1/2 cup of brown sugar
a pinch of salt

Mix it all together in a pan over a low heat, and stir continuously until the it is thick, oozy and delicious. Laurie was adding extra margarine and sugar into the pan until he felt it was right, so you may want to adjust the levels slightly if you would like a thicker or thinner sauce. Once the sauce tastes amazing, remove it from the heat and let it cool for five minutes.

We then poured about half of the mixture into the ice cream maker as it continued to churn, added about 50g of grated dark chocolate, and a handful of chopped mixed nuts. We then poured the ice cream into a freezer friendly container, smoothed it out, poured the rest of the toffee sauce on top and sprinkled another handful of chopped mixed nuts.

We stuck it in the freezer, drank more wine, forgot about it, and then finally got round to trying it this morning. It was so good. Served in a brandy snap, it was a truly delicious dessert.

Disclaimer: Morrisons sent me vouchers to spend in store, but I have only myself to blame for choosing some unhealthy ingredients. 

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