Thursday 1 May 2014

Living Arrows 17/52

After a full day at the park on Tuesday, and an early morning to look round a nursery, we decided to spend the day at home yesterday. I'm feeling exhausted at the moment, and am a bit run down, so I was ready for a spot of hibernation, especially since the rain clouds were back.

We played fetch in the garden (does anyone else do this, or am I a terrible parent?), made necklaces with her newly arrived lacing beads, read stories and did some jigsaws. Laurie was working from home which meant I spent a lot of the day saying, "Daddy is working now, so we can't go and see him." while trying to tempt Ebony away from the door of his office (our bedroom).

In a desperate attempt to convince Ebony that life was much better without Laurie, I whipped out the painting supplies. After playing with some sponge letters and paint, we moved on to finger painting. Ebony ended up coated in paint, and had to be taken straight to the bath once we'd finished.
living arrows

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