Sunday 1 June 2014

Living Arrows 20/52 & 21/52

I'm behind. I'm always behind. The top photograph was taken during our last week at our old house. The weather was beautiful, so we set up the paddling pool in the garden and Ebony spent a couple of days splashing around in it. Getting prepared for the house move was pretty stressful, so it was nice to take a few days to just enjoy the weather and have fun.

The second photograph was taken on moving day, as Ebony explored our new garden. Our last house had a gravel path, so there wasn't anywhere for Ebony to ride around on her scooter. Me and my sister spent hours cycling up and down the path at my parents' house, so I always felt bad that Ebony couldn't do that. Our new house has a concrete path around the back of the house, so now Ebony will be able to practice her scooting to her heart's content. Here she is having her first scoot down the path, much to my excitement. When It was taken on my phone because my camera battery had died and, of course, I had no idea where I'd packed the wire.
living arrows

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