Friday 22 November 2013

We Like to Read: Henri's Walk to Paris

Illustrated by Saul Bass : Story by Leonore Klein

My Parisian friend, Kat, who isn’t actually French at all, but loves Paris so much that she is an honourary Parisian, recently shared this article on Facebook. It’s a list of children’s books by iconic designers, and some of them looked amazing. I mentioned this to Kat, and just a week later the postman knocked at the door with a special parcel.

Kat’s overwhelming love of Paris had gotten the better of her, and she had kindly sent Henri’s Walk to Paris as a gift for Ebony. Illustrated by Saul Bass, the book has a very distinctive style and is inkeeping with his iconic work. The books itself is hardback and printed on lovely thick paper. The story is about Henri, a young boy living in rural France who dreams of one day visiting Paris. The story follows his journey to the capital. It’s a lovely story, I don’t want to give the end away but it really is sweet.

Every page is beautiful, and though it is aimed at 4-8 year olds, Ebony loves it. It has joined the favourite book pile and is read a couple of times each day at the moment. The pictures are brightly coloured and keep her attention, while the story is lovely to read (especially in a French accent, ahem).

If you like beautiful things (and need an excuse to work on your French accent), I strongly recommend Henri’s Walk to Paris.


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