Sunday 10 November 2013

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #24

We’ve actually spent quite a bit of time outdoors this week, going for walks in the cold together, and meeting friends at the park. The weather has been dry, so we’ve been wrapping up warm and heading out at every available opportunity.

For our great adventure, we went to a nearby park for a lunchtime stroll. The park has a nice little playground, but by some miracle Ebony didn’t seem interested in heading over that way. She was more than happy to be climbing statues, kicking leaves around and shouting hello at passing ducks.

There was a small monument at the park, and Ebony spent ages just walking round and round the square base. She looked a bit like a lemming, obsessively following the path in front of her. She ran over to the stocks and inspected them for a short while, no doubt pondering on how society has changed in just a few generations.

Laurie chased her across the grass, and she ran as fast she could through the leaves and mud. She paused at the skatepark to watch some teenage boys throwing plastic bottles around, but we managed to tempt her away with the promise of blackberries.

I walked ahead for a few minutes and turned back to find Laurie running towards me carrying Ebony. He was holding her high up, and she was facing me and laughing. Unbeknownst to Laurie, Ebony’s tights and knickers had fallen down, and he was inadvertently holding her dress up, so the elderly couple reading the wreaths on the memorial monument were witnessing a very strange parade.

Once my poor child had her tights and dignity back, we walked down to the canal (and more importantly, away from everyone at the park), and spent some time watching the ducks. Or, more accurately, shouting “QUACK QUACK!” at them in a slightly aggressive and very enthusiastic manner.

Once the ducks had all been scared away, we decided to head back home so Ebony could have her nap, now nice and tired after her time spent running around in the great outdoors.

The leaves are proving to be a beautiful distraction on our great adventures this autumn. Have you been out and about with your little ones this week?

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