Sunday 24 November 2013

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #26

26 weeks ago, when I set myself this blog challenge, Ebony had recently started walking outdoors. She loved exploring new places, testing the boundaries of her independence, and playing outdoors. It was May, and while it wasn’t always sunny, it was far from cold. It was easy to head out into the wilderness, grabbing a cardigan or thin jacket for Ebony as we left the house, and return home when we had our fill of nature.

Spring is a beautiful time of year, with bluebells and buttercups reaching out as far as the eye can see. In fact, all of the seasons have their own beauty; the daisies and dandelions of summer, the crunchy leaves of autumn, and the glistening snow of winter. But, as the weather becomes less inviting, it is all too easy to hibernate indoors. For this reason, I set myself the great adventures challenge, promising myself that I would take Ebony out every week without fail, and share our adventures on my blog.

We haven’t missed a week yet. Of course, there have been weeks where the adventures have felt a bit like a chore, if we have been unwell or busy, but mostly they have been looked forward to and fully enjoyed. We have enjoyed some beautiful adventures, and made some wonderful memories that I will remember forever. Ebony loves spending time outdoors, whether she’s splashing in puddles, climbing tree stumps or smelling pretty flowers, she thrives in the great outdoors. I want her to grow up feeling connected with nature, I want her to respect the planet and its changing seasons, and fully understand the impact her choices have on our world. I want her to seek out and create fun for herself, I don’t want her to rely on toys or computers to entertain her. I want her to fully appreciate the huge opportunities for fun that nature has to offer.

As she grows older, I want her to climb trees without fear, build dens from fallen branches and twigs in the woods, and fully appreciate the natural beauty near our home. If I want all of this for her in a few years, I must lay the foundations now. And so, for 26 weeks we have explored the country parks, lakes and forests where we live. We have walked, run, splashed, climbed and jumped. We have wrapped up warm, applied suncream and hidden under umbrellas. We have gotten muddy, fallen over and grazed our knees, and it’s been perfect.

This week, for our 26th adventure, we went back to Redbrow Woods, the setting of our orginal great adventure. We stomped through the leaves, searched for spiders in the trees, and squelched through muddy puddles.

What adventures have you been on this week?

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