Sunday 17 November 2013

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #25

After an evening with friends last night, we were feeling a little worse for wear this morning. Laurie more so, because I won the lie in lottery today. Despite going to sleep at 8pm last night, an hour earlier than normal, Ebony woke up at her usual time, and Laurie had been entertaining her downstairs for hours by the time I surfaced. Long gone are the days of hungover Sundays spent watching box sets and eating junk food, so instead we decided to make the most of the crisp autumn weather, and go on a great adventure.

We decided to go to Etherow Park for a walk. Ebony and I went last week with friends, but it was dark when we arrived so I hadn’t noticed how beautiful it looks in autumn. The ground is covered with leaves of deep red, brown and gold, and the evergreen trees are flourishing. Holly trees and vines, circling round the trunks of bare trees, add a beautiful deep green to the landscape surrounding the lake.

Ebony was excited to see the geese, so we bought a bag of feed from the shop and she spent a while throwing seeds into the lake. Once all the feed was gone, we walked around the lake a little way before heading down away from the water’s edge. Ebony had fun running through the leaves, kicking her legs out as she went, and running between Laurie’s legs. Laurie disappeared into the undergrowth, and Ebony went tumbling after him, desperate to see where he’d gone. They reached a wire fence separating them from the river, and Laurie threw sticks over in an attempt at extreme pooh sticks. Ebony wanted to play too but couldn’t reach over the fence, so we went to find a more suitable location. We came across a bridge over a stream, and Ebony had fun searching for suitable sticks and leaves, throwing them over the bridge, and then rushing across to see them appear on the other side.

A little further along, we found some moss-covered tree stumps and fallen branches, which Ebony used as a makeshift climbing frame. After climbing to the top, and sitting on a tall stump for a while, we decided to head back to the car. Ebony was starting to look tired, so we decided to go home so she could have a nap.

It was a great way to get rid of a hangover, and another fun great adventure. I’m looking forward to the snow so we can have a nice wintry great adventure post.

More about the great adventure blog challenge here. Have you been joining in?

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