Tuesday 29 March 2016

Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks

At 20 weeks, the baby is the size of a paper aeroplane. What size paper aeroplane? I don’t know, my app did not specify. Could be a tiny post-it sized aeroplane or an A1 aeroplane, I have no idea. This is actually less clear than the bizarre fruit references on other pregnancy apps.

So, 20 weeks. People keep excitedly pointing out that I’m halfway through. Except I’m not really, am I? I didn’t even find out I was pregnant until I was almost four weeks and that doesn’t feel like yesterday so halfway through is a big depressing. There is ages still to go and lots of stretching yet to be done.

We had our scan at 20 weeks, I was feeling really nervous about the whole thing but it all went well. Although why do they have to be so aggressive when they try to turn the baby? My bump was aching all night after being prodded so much. The baby did not want to show their spine, but after the sonographer violently attacked me with the probe for 20 minutes, they eventually shifted.

We didn’t find out the sex. Ebony came with us to the scan and held my hand throughout. She was wearing blue dungarees and the sonographer thought she was a boy, so I didn’t feel her chance of getting the sex of the baby inside my tummy was particularly high. We always knew we wouldn’t find out, I loved finding out Ebony was a girl straight after the birth and can’t imagine finding out in a scan room is quite as exciting.

This week has mostly been about hip pain. We spent the Easter bank holiday doing DIY and that has really taken its toll on my poor aching pelvis. I’m hoping the pain will disappear over the next few days and until then, I’m taking it easy. I spent quite a bit of the weekend stooped over floorboards pulling tiles up or trying to get tar off (not fun at all) and it has totally ruined my back. I keep seizing up like a pensioner.

Whilst I was hunched over the floor trying to get the tar off (but mostly accidentally chipping the floorboards), Ebony was doing a workbook. In it, she was asked to draw a picture of her and her best friend. She almost drew her friend from nursery but then changed her mind and drew a picture of herself cuddling the new baby. I shed some tears, of course (and not because the baby appears to have three eyes).

The baby is still moving around lots, especially at night. The movements are growing bigger and more powerful all the time, though Ebony still hasn’t felt them. I tried again this week but she looked at me sympathetically and explained that she couldn’t feel them because the baby wasn’t in her tummy.

After a full weekend of sorting the house out, I spent most of yesterday afternoon asleep. Me and Ebony snuggled up in bed and stuck Brave on the laptop, and I napped while she watched the movie. She kept having to wake me up when the tiler shouted me, he probably thinks me a terribly neglectful mother.

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