Tuesday 1 March 2016

Pregnancy Update: Week 16

16 weeks already, where is the time going?! Baby is now around the size of an action figure, apparently. We get our action figures from the charity shop, hence the missing leg.

The baby has started moving around now, I don’t feel much, if anything, during the day but as soon as I lie down in bed, I feel some movements. It’s quite exciting feeling a baby wriggle around inside me again. The movements have been big enough that Laurie has been able to feel the occasional one as well. They’ve also been keeping me awake at night, but I’m not too mad about that just yet. I am starting to really long for a maternity pillow, though, I didn’t have one last time and probably won’t end up getting one this time, but they look like the absolute most comfortable things ever.

My bump is sticking out more and more each day and I think I’m getting close to not being able to wear my normal jeans anyway. I really need to hurry up and find my bag of maternity clothes. Somewhere in this house is a bag filled with huge maternity pyjamas, but I cannot find it anywhere. Maternity pyjamas are the best.

I’ve been feeling really sleepy this week. I had quite a busy weekend with an evening out followed by a day in Liverpool and by the time I got home, I was exhausted. I seem to need way more sleep than usual at the moment, but Laurie has been keeping Ebony entertained so I’ve been able to snatch a few extra hours here and there.

Time is flying by, I don’t really feel like I spend much time thinking about the pregnancy. I haven’t been obsessively researching which products to buy or reading books about childbirth. This pregnancy is definitely very different to the last. I’m worried we’re going to get to 40 weeks and I still won’t have done anything in the way of organising. I still can’t really think of the baby as anything other than Ebony. If it turns out to be a boy, I think I’ll go into shock. I’m honestly just expecting to give birth to Ebony all over again, I probably need to better prepare myself prior to the birth.

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