Tuesday 19 January 2016

Pregnancy Update: Week 10

I’m 10 weeks now and, according to my pregnancy app, the baby is about the size of Lego figure. I thought I’d gotten away without to endure the horror that is morning sickness, but I was wrong. I was sick a few times over Christmas, but I’ve mostly been suffering from nausea. Until now. All of a sudden, I can’t stop throwing up. There is a bad taste in my mouth at all times, I am overdosing on polos to try and get rid of it (I don’t think this is helping) and I am being sick after eating. A lot.

I feel unable to drink much because every sip seems to make me throw up. I’ve spent the last three years telling pregnant women to drink eight glasses of water a day, and now I can barely manage two. The fruit teas I usually love are making me throw up, and even fruit juice has been violently coming back up. So I’m dehydrating myself slowly, it is the only way.

I feel really exhausted and have noticed that doing anything more than the bare minimum is too much for me. I keep having to nap in the afternoon still, and poor Ebony tells me that she has nobody to play with. What does she think I’m trying to do here?!

I’m off my food and have to be really careful about what I eat. It’s really hard to enjoy a food you’ve recently experienced in reverse. I spent most of the weekend in bed, trying to force myself to work but mostly just sleeping. I’m really hoping this fatigue passes soon because it’s really not sustainable as a mother and self-employed writer for me to sleep all day.

The good thing is that my anxiety levels have decreased, the morning sickness is finally allowing me to feel confident about the pregnancy. So, horrible as it is to be sick all the time, I can’t help but feel slightly relieved each time I puke. I know this joy will pass quickly, though.

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