Tuesday 26 January 2016

Pregnancy Update: Week 11

By this time with Ebony, I’d already had my scan. We already had the photo of a baby in my tummy, the one we proudly sent round to our friends and family members to announce the news. This time, we’ve already announced the news but are still waiting for the scan. It seems to be taking forever.

This week has been pretty crap. I have been being sick constantly, generally feeling rubbish and constantly needing sleep. Ebony managed to catch a sickness bug from somewhere which meant there was two of us fighting to throw up in the toilet. The only upside to having a child with a sickness bug is that they sleep a lot, so we managed to steal quite a few naps together while she was off nursery.

She was off nursery for four days and, during that time, I had zero energy. This was fine at the start of the week because she was poorly, so we lounged around complaining of our ailments together and bemoaning the fact that nobody was looking after us. We did only what we needed to to survive, had plenty of baths and slept often. But for the last two days, she was fine. There’s a 48 hour rule at nursery so she needed to stay off even though she was perfectly healthy.

She was full of energy, longing to see her friends and desperate for someone to play with. I was mostly asleep or throwing up. So, it wasn’t ideal. It hasn’t been the best week, but was sort of nice to have that extra time with Ebony.

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