Monday 2 February 2015

Living Arrows 5/52

"Let's throw snowballs at each other again."

After weeks of snow falling but never sticking, and a couple of car excursions to find enough snow to sledge in, the snow finally came to Romiley. It started on Wednesday evening and didn't stop. By the time I got Ebony up (ha, yeah right, other way round of course) for preschool, the ground was covered in snow. As we skidded along in our wellies, I wondered whether a more adventurous mother might have called in sick for her and spent the morning knee deep in snow,

When I picked her up from preschool she told me all about the snowman they had all made in the preschool garden. When we got home, we immediately trod snow and ice through the ice as we made a dash to the back garden, and created the first foot steps on the carpet of snow.

She threw herself head first in the snow, excited that there was so much of it. Together we made (and remade) a snow woman, Susie, who had a very weak neck. Ebony disturbed the snow-covered bushes, letting snow fall around her feet. We made snowballs and threw them, mostly at her, because at least half of all her snowballs seem to fly backwards and hit her own shoulder.
Living Arrows

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