Friday 30 January 2015

And Then She Was Three

Ebony turned three earlier this month, and I just wanted to share a few of my favourite photos from the occasion. I’m a big fan of charity shopping so, as usual, a lot of her presents were purchased from our local charity shops. People abandon so many things, and I hate thinking about how much crap ends up in landfill, so I would always choose a second hand gift if I could. Luckily, we have some pretty amazing charity shops nearby so I am usually able to find what I’m looking for.

We wanted to get Ebony a balance bike for her birthday, but after months of scouring eBay for the perfect second hand one, I’d come up empty handed. Luckily, the January sales are right before Ebony’s birthday so we were able to get her a lovely balance bike for a bargain price. She happily pushed herself around the house on it for most of the morning. We had planned a trip to the park but the weather was terrible, January birthdays are a bit rubbish in that respect.

She likes taking photos and is often asking to borrow my phone, so we used her Christmas money to get her a camera of her very own. I’d looked at the kids cameras available, and they seemed to be huge, pink and have tiny screens. On the advice of a clever Instagram friend, we got Ebony a shatterproof waterproof Nikon camera at a reasonable price. She is in desperate need of a case though as she hasn’t quite managed putting it down gently.

One of her favourite gifts was a gardening kit I found in my local charity shop for £2, it was brand new and she loves it. I have big plans for the garden this year so am hoping this will encourage her to get involved and enjoy spending time out there.

After a lunch at our local pub, we headed back to ours in time for all her grandparents to arrive. Ebony really enjoyed opening more presents, including an amazing teepee for her bedroom, and playing games with all of her grandparents. After a big family meal, and a vegan cupcake, it was time for bed.

The next day we had a small party for her at our house. She invited all of her friends, hid most of her toys (generous kid), and decided upon a playlist for the party (Frozen. More Frozen.). I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a hoard of preschoolers taking over our house, but it actually wasn’t too bad. Ebony’s amazing vegan birthday cake was made by my wonderful friend from Becky’s Cake Boutique. I told her we were having a black and white theme (much to the horror of the owner of our local balloon shop) and she did the rest.

The was pass the parcel, a tiny Pom Bear dictator only letting people have one crisp at a time (sorry about that everyone), and a whole lot of vegan sweets. Oh, and wine. Lots of wine. It was lots of fun - the wine, but also the party. But I’m (not so) secretly glad all the big festivities are over for another year.

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