Thursday 19 February 2015

Giveaway: Win a KangaWrap

Nothing makes me broodier than the sight of a newborn baby snuggled in a sling. It takes me right back to those early months carrying my sleeping newborn nestled into my stretchy wrap. I am a big fan of babywearing, in fact the pram we bought started gathering dust from the very first time I tried Ebony in the sling. There was just no competition. I loved having her so close to me, and being able to inhale as much of that addictive newborn smell as I could. I love chatting to her as we walked around country parks, canals and the centre of Manchester.

I loved how free of hassle baby wearing was. I didn’t get stuck in doorways, have to wait for lifts, or have strangers tut because I was in their way. I carried her for miles and miles, and in my sling she grew bigger and stronger. We spent many sunny days walking around our local area, and I loved that we spent all of that time touching, rather than with her out of my reach in a pram. As she grew older, she peered out and absorbed the world around us, reached out to touch things, and pushed herself up to shower me in tiny kisses.

I loved babywearing, I think it gave me the confidence to trust my instincts as a mother. If I was going to advise an expectant friend on the must have baby items to buy, a sling would be at the very top of the list. I loved that babywearing left my hands free to do other things. I could cook dinner without having to put Ebony down. I can imagine this benefit is all the greater with a second child, allowing you to keep your baby close while you have your hands free to play with your older child.

KangaWrap have very kindly offered one of their beautiful wraps (pictured above) as a prize to one lucky reader. KangaWraps are Fair Trade and suitable for mothers and babies of all shapes and sizes. They can be used from birth until 15kg, meaning you’ll get months of use out of this fantastic prize. They are great for even the tiniest of babies, allowing you to go skin to skin with your newborn without having to worry about sitting still under a blanket. You don’t have to worry about buckles or straps with this simple stretchy wrap, and though the instructional videos may seem slightly daunting at first, I guarantee that you won’t regret giving it a try, and will soon fall in love with babywearing.

KangaWrap are such an inspiring brand. Their wraps are made from organic cotton, and made by workers who enjoy ethical work conditions and fair pay. Not only that, but the profits from the sales of KangaWraps are used to provide maternity care for women in developing countries. You can enjoy the closeness of your baby whilst knowing that your money has funded maternity care for thousands of women living in slums in Delhi.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is fill in the Rafflecopter below. The competition closes on Friday 20 March and the winner will be contacted soon after. Good luck!
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