Monday 3 February 2014

Living Arrows 5/52

"Little bed, no big, little."

Ebony categorises things in two ways; 'big, no little' and 'little, no big.' Always said with a cocked head and a crinkled nose, these descriptions are how she organises things throughout her day.

We stayed with my parents for the night, and she had a nap in the bunk beds in my old bedroom. The bunk beds were recently dragged out of the loft in the hope she may stay over on her own soon. She won't, of course, but a Nanny can dream.

The top bunk is full of junk - boxes and bags of wires, clothes and toys leak out and fill the wooden boards. The bed below is made and ready. Today Ebony wanted to have a nap in the bunk bed, 'no big, little. Big mess." This photo was taken just after she woke from her nap, in front of the rainbow from my old bedroom wall.

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