Tuesday 4 February 2014

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #34

I’ve fallen a week behind with these adventures (again), but am hoping I’ll be able to catch myself up soon. Last week I was ridiculously busy getting things finished around the house, and dealing with the consequences (an unhappy toddler). This week, that same toddler has a humongous back molar forcing its way through her delicate gums and is very moody as a result.

We stayed with Nanny and Papa last night, and while Ebony loves playing with them, it does mean she doesn’t get much sleep, so the moodiness was at its peak today. Papa, Ebony and I decided to take a walk to Towneley Woods, to see if we could find any squirrels. I spent many hours at Towneley in my childhood, so I always enjoy going back. Papa wanted to take the route through the woods so he could show Ebony the animal carvings in the tree trunks.

It was very muddy at Towneley, and I didn’t have my wellies with me so had to keep to the path. Ebony, on the other hand, was happily sloshing in the mud as soon as we arrived. Ebony seemed quite fascinated by the first wood carving, a huge bird, and asked Papa to lift her up so she could get a closer look.

As we reached the bridge, Papa suggested a game of pooh sticks and Ebony ran off shouting “Stick man? Stick man!” She returned with a suitable stick and promptly through him over the bridge. They rushed to the other side to wait for the stick to pass. This was repeated a number of times, and Ebony wasn’t really keen on moving away from bridge, she just wanted to keep playing “stick man”.

A little further on we encountered a squirrel sitting on a bench. Ebony made a beeline for him, but a dog flew round the corner and the squirrel quickly bolted up a nearby tree. We walked a little further into the woods, passing some beautiful old trees twisting away from the earth, before Ebony decided she had had enough. She wasn’t really dressed for a walk in the woods, having only brought a party dress with her (her choice), so I think she was getting cold.

We stopped at the duck pond on the way back to the car, and she spent a little while watching the ducks, geese and seagulls gathered there.

Have you been on any great adventures this week?

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