Monday 10 February 2014

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #35

 I was hoping we’d be able to get out for a proper walk this weekend, but sadly not. Second birthday parties, hangovers (not related to the second birthday party), and an abundance of work (what is the weekend if not more time for work?) meant that we managed only a small adventure again this week.

I hadn’t predicted that the adventures would become more difficult when Ebony learnt to say no. Sometimes she just wants to stay home, and that means no great adventures. Luckily this week she was in the mood for a spider hunt, so we managed to get out of the front door and into the wilderness beyond.

It’s quite cold at the moment, so I bundled her into her warm, padded snowsuit and wellies, and we set off in search of spiders. We didn’t find any, obviously, because it’s freezing outside so they’re all hiding in my house, but Ebony has not yet figured this out.

We walked through the estate, stopping to jump in each and every puddle we encountered, and headed to some nearby fields. The country lane is filled with loose stones, and Ebony was hurtling along at great speed leaving Laurie with a terrified expression on his face. She fell once (“Oh dear, muddy hands!”) but didn’t seem at all bothered. We walked across the bridge, and then noticed a usually empty field was full of sheep. Ebony shouted “Moo!” at them for a while, before turning and running off down the road.

At the bottom of the road, she found some thick, squelchy mud. And loved it. Until she got stuck and I had to heave her out, almost losing a welly in the process. She immediately jumped straight back into the thick mud, stomping her feet happily.

After exploring a few more puddles, Ebony decided it was time to head home. After a few more moos, we started to cross the bridge towards home. Ebony wanted to see the river, and when we told her it was a railway track she wanted to wait for a train. There isn’t really many trains on a Sunday to our neck of the woods, and it would have been a long wait in the cold, so eventually we persuaded her we should go home.

So, another short but still enjoyable adventure. Hopefully we’ll manage a more exciting adventure soon. Have you been on any adventures this week?

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