Sunday 27 October 2013

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #22

Argh, I very almost didn’t manage to complete the challenge this week. I had to run out in the rain today and get a quick adventure in before it was too late. I’ve had lots of work on this week, which is great for the finances, but not so great for everything other aspect of life. It feels like all I’ve done this week is work and look after Ebony, I haven’t had a minute to relax. On top of this, Laurie has been crazily busy with work too, working till 2am on a few nights, so it’s been a tough week.

I had planned to have an adventure on Friday, but when I woke up after five hours sleep and looked around my insanely messy house, I decided to reasses. I put in an emergency call to my parents who came round to entertain Ebony for a couple of hours while I got through as much work as possible. By the time they left, Ebony was exhausted and had a huge nap which meant I was able to get even more work done, and tidy the house. By the time she woke up, it was going dark out and too late for an adventure.

I had dedicated today to working, but decided to take an hour or two off to have an adventure. I’ve managed 21 weeks of outdoor fun so far, and really didn’t want to fail at this point. So, after writing a few pregnancy articles, we got dressed in weather-appropriate attire and headed out the door.

We decided to stay local because of the lack of time, and just walked up to the woods near our house. That’s where we had our first adventure, and I love going back and seeing how different the woods are with each changing season. As expected, today’s adventure was wet and muddy, and there were plenty of beautiful fallen leaves to stomp in.

Laurie was with us today, and he’s not the sort of chap to stick to the path, so immediately headed off through the undergrowth. It’s been raining for days so the ground was slippery, and I saw him fall down at least one hill while holding the very precious person I grew, although he later claimed this was deliberate. Deliberately falling down a hill while holding a much-loved toddler, is that a thing?

I stay on the paths, because I really don’t ever want to be the person who discovers a dead body. We walked/slipped down through the trees and found ourselves on the banks of a brook. There were old, rusty bicycles, and what looked to be old-fashioned metal torture devices lying around. Mine and Ebony’s wellies kept getting stuck in the mud, and the Roger Federer logo on Laurie’s favourite shoes had disappeared behind a thick coating of mud.

Ebony had fun snapping branches under her feet, got scared when her wellies got stuck in the mud, and shushed us everytime she heard a bird. She explored the undergrowth unaccompanied, marvelled at the rusted historic artefacts lying around, and splashed in some puddles.

As we were headed back to in the direction of home, Ebony slipped in the mud and landed face first on the ground. She quickly started to cry, and when Laurie picked her up and hugged her, I asked what hurt. “Eba’s snotty nose!” she replied, which is probably the cutest answer ever.

It was really fun to go out into the woods, and to explore a bit of it that I would never dare visit without being forced. It was great to get out of the house and away from my terrifying to do list. I love these great adventures, I’m sure they’re as important for me as they are for Ebony.

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How are your adventures going?  

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