Monday 7 October 2013

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #20

For this week's great adventure, we decided to explore somewhere new. This week, Ebony has discovered the joy of fallen leaves. She has been stomping her way around the town we live in, selecting leaves to bring home each day. So I wanted to take her somewhere that would be filled with fallen autumn leaves so she could experience this on a large scale. 

We headed to Quarry Ridge in Marple, a small forest that fills a disused quarry. It's in a beautiful position, located above the canal, with stunning views of the neighbouring fields and farmland. From the debris we found, I would say this area of natural beauty is mostly enjoyed by teenagers. When we visited, the woods were quiet and we were the only people to be seen. 

Although it only covers a small area, the overgrown nature of the foliage gives the feeling of an impressive woodland. Aside from the views to one side, everywhere you look seems to be filled with more woodland. As I'd hoped, there were plenty of trees and piles and fallen leaves across the floor. It hasn't rained for a few days, so the leaves were nice and crisp for flattening. 

Ebony had fun searching for and collecting acorns, and Laurie ended up with quite an impressive pile in front of him before she moved onto another activity. There were lots of mushrooms growing in the woods, including the beautiful one shown above. I've never seen a mushroom like that before, and there were lots of other types growing on trees and through piles of leaves. 

We found a tree swing, and Laurie had a go at flying through the air. It turns out he's not as young as he used to be, who knew. Ebony watched, amazed, and then decided to climb up the side of the quarry. The woods were perfect for her to explore, because you can see so much of them at once so I didn't feel the need to follow her round, I could just keep an eye on her from a distance. We'll definitely be heading back to these woods for another great adventure soon. 

Have you been on any great adventures this week? 

Here's why I think adventures at important. 

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