Thursday 12 September 2013

We Like to Read: Danger for Starlite

My parents are hoarders. When we told them we were expecting, my Mum asked if we wanted my old pram. Ebony had her first bath in my old baby bath. Last time we went to visit, they had erected a Fisher Price plastic play kitchen from the 1980s for Ebony to play with. I’ve never been into it, because of my dislike of spiders, but their loft must house a collection matched only by the museum of childhood.

Once we outgrew them, our books were packed into boxes and stored away. The ones in the loft are still out of my grasp, but I’ve been able to get my hands on some of the ones in less spidery locations. The cupboards in my old bedroom contained a big box of books, and there were more to be found on a bookcase in the fourth bedroom. Each time we visit, I bring a few books or toys back with me, and last time we went I managed to steal a whole box full because my parents were busy sunning themselves in France.

Amongst the collection, was a board book called Danger for Starlite. I used to have a soft toy of the Rainbow Brite horse, and remember all the characters well. I’ve been reading this book to Ebony, and it has been making me feel very nostalgic. The book is in really condition too, so I can only assume that my obsession with keeping books pristine is something I was born with. Sadly Ebony doesn’t share this trait, and most of her board books are a little chewed around the edges, so I’m keeping this one on a high shelf for now.  

Are you an 80s child with fond memories of Rainbow Brite?

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