Tuesday 10 September 2013

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #16

After a week spent in sunny Brighton, there is a definite chill in the air up north. My much-loved cardigans are creeping out of the wardrobe, and Ebony is donning tights (“teeets”) again, so it’s safe to safe Autumn is on the horizon. Despite the forecast predicting rain, we managed to enjoy the sun at Quarry Bank Mill this afternoon.

I must have visited Quarry Bank Mill as a child, because as we neared the mill I had a vivid memory of walking those cobbled streets before. Ebony isn’t really old enough to appreciate all that the mill has to offer just yet, so we made our way down to the gardens.

Ebony has developed a love for climbing that is exciting and terrifying in equal measure. I’m proud that she feels able to clamber and explore, and yet it’s quite terrifying to see her lose her footing and come crashing back down. We spotted a sideways tree, and Ebony marched straight over and started shimmying along the trunk.

She is fearless, and doesn’t waste time worrying about her clothes. She found a pile of earth, and slid down on her bum with little care for the freshly washed white tights she was wearing. She climbed up gates, attempted to sneak under fences and enjoyed running across the grass.

We found bees, ants and birds to watch. We found acorns to inspect, flowers to smell and people to wave at. Ebony spotted some blackberry bushes and headed over, carefully selecting the dark ones to pick. She never tries to pick the light one, which forced us to ponder how well she would survive in the wild. Very, we decided, as she stuffed another handful of blackberries into her mouth, before wiping her stained hands on her now-not-so-white tights.

Have you been on any adventures this week? 

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