Monday 23 September 2013

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #18

After a brief cold spell, the sun made an appearance this weekend so, despite being tired after a late night on Friday, we decided we should make the most of it. After a busy day of tidying, copywriting and shopping, we visited Etherow park for a pre-dinner stroll.

Ebony was excited to see the ducks on the lake, and quacked loudly at them all. She hasn’t yet cottoned onto the fact that geese are evil, and so often stands way too close to the huge birds. I try to avoid reliving my childhood trauma of being bitten by a goose, and step in to rescue her. We found a few ducks searching for food, diving under the water and wriggling their tails in the air. Ebony found it hilarious and immediately tried to copy them.

Once we managed to lure Ebony away from the birds, and the old man with the remote controlled boat, we headed across the park for our walk. We didn’t pick the most ideal route for a walk with an independent minded toddler, and ended up walking on a thin path sandwiched between two sections of the lake. As Ebony swayed carelessly between drowning and death by goose, we tried to keep her on land by pointing out blackberries to pick.

After eating to the other side of the lake, we realised that it was time to be heading home if we had any chance of cooking a roast dinner before Ebony decided she was hungry. We cut across the woods to get back to the car, and Ebony was immediately distracted by some trees she wanted to climb. She had fun climbing through the branches, and out the other side, and repeated this many times before we managed to convince her it was time to leave.

As we were almost back at the car, Ebony saw a chair and, as always happens (is this normal??), wanted to sit on it. As she sat on the bench, we picked a few more blackberries to try and stave off hunger long enough to cook dinner.

Have you been on any great adventures this week?

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