Wednesday 17 July 2013

We Like to Read: Moon Rabbit

We had two rabbits when Ebony was born (now, sadly, we only have one) and so Ebony received a mountain of bunny-related gifts. Bunny pyjamas, soft bunnies and bunny dresses filled the nursery. One day it occurred to me that we didn't really have enough bunny stuff, and then I came across this beautiful book in a charity shop.

Moon Rabbit by Natalie Russell is the cute story about a city bunny and a country bun-kin who fall in love. I used to read this book to Ebony every night when she was teeny tiny, and it always reminds me of that time. It has recently fallen into favour again, and I've been reading it to her in the afternoons. I love the style of the illustrations, I think the bunnies are really cute and beautifully simple. 

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