Monday 22 July 2013

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #9

We spent quite a lot of time outdoors over the past week. Ebony was back to health after her virus, and so we thought we’d try and make the most of the remaining sunshine. We paddled in streams, climbed statues, conquered playgrounds and explored undergrowths. The outing I’ve chosen to write about for this week’s great adventure, was our trip to Etherow Park.

Etherow Park isn’t far from our house, so we go there fairly regularly, in fact we went there for week six of the great adventure challenge. This week, instead of doing our usual walk around the lake, we headed down to the children’s education area.

I’m not sure what exactly the children’s education area is, but there is lots of open space to run around and, most importantly, no lake to fall in. Ebony loves running now, so she enjoyed the freedom of galavanting without me screeching “BE CAAAREFUL” in the background.

There was a fallen tree trunk on the grass, and Ebony ran over to climb it. She slipped but managed to get up without any help, and then looked so unbelievably proud of herself. She had a huge smile plastered on her face, and kept climbing down and repeat the feat. I love seeing her embrace her new skills, and push her boundaries to see what she can achieve.

We found a hollowed out tree, and Ebony spent some time shouting “Helloooo?” into it, before realising no-one was answering. We followed some butterflies, spotted a few bees and saw a few different birds. Etherow park is full of wildlife so it’s a really great place to take an inquisitive toddler.

 With thunderstorms expected for most of this week, I think the next great adventure instalment will be lots of fun. I need to dig out those waterproofs!


I've challenged myself to take Ebony out once a week, every week - whatever the weather. I want her to be connected with her surroundings, passionate about nature and unafraid of the British weather. You can follow my adventures here. Leave a comment below if you'd like to join in!

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