Tuesday 3 March 2020

Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

People keep telling me I've popped now. I'm pretty sure that's code for holy shit that must be a massive baby in there. Luckily, nobody has said 'you can't have long to go now' to me because I think that is the worst. People were saying that to me from early on with Ember (who was the size of an adult elephant at birth). 

I didn't attend my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test on Friday (the midwife cancelled it for me, I didn't waste £150 of NHS money by being a no-show, calm down). I still feel this was the right choice to make (you can read about it in last week's posts, Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks). I've been eating a low glycemic diet, which means plenty of home-cooked whole foods. I've been eating really well so I'm feeling good about that. And I haven't felt bothered by it, it's only for the next four months or so, then I will be mainlining Jokerz like there's no tomorrow (Jokerz are the vegan equivalent to Snickers and they are excellent but pricey). 

I went to watch Ebony perform in a show on Friday night and this proved too much for my pelvis. Those tiny uncomfortable chairs were no good for me and, by the end of the night, I was in pain. The pain persisted for the rest of the weekend which was no fun whatsoever. I spent Sunday sorting out the house which probably worsened things, and the effort didn't pay off because it's now Tuesday and my house looks like a rubbish tip. 

I'm going to try and go for more walks this month. I think I only managed nine last months thanks to half-term and All The Storms. I find I am much too good at talking myself out of going. I didn't go on Sunday because I convinced myself to tidy up, instead. And I really didn't want to go yesterday but I did eventually manage to force myself out of the door (although Laurie saw me leaving the house and said I looked angry the whole way down the street). I had the nicest walk yesterday. The sun was shining and the paths were dry (ish) so I walked down the canal which I haven't done it ages. All the ducks are back, too, so spring must be on the way. This morning, however, it rained my whole walk so I got home drenched and miserable after stomping next to traffic the whole time. Canals need all-weather walkways, this would be so much nicer. 

More sunshine, please.

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

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