Thursday 17 January 2019

#FamilyHolidays2019 — 5 tips for food, leisure and logistics

#FamilyHolidays2019 — 5 tips for food, leisure and logistics
January is a funny old month, isn’t it? Christmas is over for another year and, with it, all of the stress of buying presents, writing cards, hosting family and drinking your weight in vegan Baileys. The weather isn’t great (though arguably, this year is pretty mild so far) and you’re probably skint.
One guaranteed way to improve your mood is to start planning your summer holiday. Whether you’re heading across the globe to a luxury resort or popping across to France in your caravan, a vegan holiday takes a little bit of forward-planning.
So here are five tips for food, leisure and logistics on your 2019 family break.
  1. Vegan restaurant finder
Some cuisines are more accessible to vegans than others — for instance, India has lots of inspirational plant-based dishes but you might struggle a little more for food options in the Czech Republic.
However, locating vegan restaurants on takes the stress out of eating on holiday — browse their desktop site or download the app to find your plant-based fix in over 185 nations worldwide. You’ll be able to find not only vegan restaurants but other eateries in the area that serve vegan options.
  1. Vegan passport
The Vegan Passport is a multilingual phrasebook developed by The Vegan Society which provides the phrases for ordering animal-free fare in 78 languages — including Zulu and Igbo as well as Euro favourites French and German.
96 per cent of all global languages are covered and there are handy photo prompts to be double-sure nothing gets lost in translation.
This indispensable travel tool is now available in app form — check for details.
  1. Vegan airline food
I haven’t flown long-distance since my honeymoon and back then vegan airline food was pretty grim. A lot has changed since then, though, and I am assured by my forever-backpacking sister that airline food is now pretty tasty.
A recent airline food poll by Vegan News found Emirates to be the best airline for vegan meals. With delectable dishes like meat-free lasagna peppered with premium ingredients, this is one carrier that doesn’t make alternative diet options feel like an afterthought. If you want a vegan meal on your flight, don’t forget to book this in advance.
  1. Family airport lounges
Several UK airports offer family lounges with affordable deals if you book ahead of time. And if you want to secure a stress-free start to your trip, these havens of tranquillity just yards from the busy concourse are heaven-sent. Aspire Lounges at  Manchester’s terminals 1-3 welcome kids of age 2 and over. Check online to see if your departure airport offers something similar.
  1. Airport parking
Cruising to the airport in your own car can be conducive to calm when your party includes children at a range of difficult ages — and it’s so convenient hopping back in your ride on the return leg of your trip.
So booking airport parking with helps you bag a bargain on park and ride or valet services and provides peace of mind that your vehicle will be stored safely and securely while you’re away.

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