Sunday 27 January 2019

5 Tips For Updating Your Bathroom

If you saw the dark brown bathroom suite and floor to ceiling floral tiles of Britain’s Worst Bathroom, you might be thinking about updating your bathroom. If you haven’t see the aforementioned bathroom, go look now, you won’t regret it.

The problem with bathrooms is that you quite often inherit them. And, unlike a bedroom which might just require a quick paint job, redecorating bathrooms can be costly. You might end up having to tolerate the bathroom until you can afford to redecorate. A full bathroom redesign can cost thousands of pounds. And, since it’s not a job you’re like to do often, it’s important you end up with a bathroom you’ll love for years to come. If you’re about to embark on a bathroom redesign, you’re probably spending lots of time researching the different options available to you. For re-designing of your bathrooms in Harrogate, Visit our website Harrogate Bathrooms.

Here are some things to consider when updating your bathroom:

1. Best use of the space
If you’re completely redoing your bathroom, now is the time to think about moving the suite or adding in a separate shower. Plumbing changes add costs, but, if you can afford it, it might be worth it to get the bathroom of your dreams. If you have the space for a separate shower cubicle, it’s definitely worth adding one to the room. Imagine the room stripped back to an empty box, where do you want the bath to go? Where will the toilet be best placed? Start from scratch to get the bathroom you really want.

2. Include storage
Good storage keeps a bathroom looking new and clean. Make sure you have enough storage for all of the kid’s toys, the flannels and all the tubs, bottles and razors lurking in your bathroom. Having somewhere to hide this stuff away will make all the difference to your bathroom. Check out bathroom suites which incorporate storage, like sinks with big drawers or cupboards built in. These provide a clever way to use space even in small bathrooms.

3. Seek out inspiration
Don’t start a home project without first creating an inspiration board. You can do this easily online using Pinterest or by collecting cuttings from magazines. Since this redesign is going to cost a lot of money, it needs to be perfect. Explore all of your options at the research stage and identify the features you do or don’t want. Pick your colour scheme, and find inspiration from photos of existing bathrooms. Don’t rush into any decisions, give yourself time to fully explore the possibilities.

4. Shop around
You don’t have to buy everything from one place, sometimes it pays to shop around. Not only could you save money, but it also means you can find all the things you love. From a budget point of view, look around for sales and promo codes that could save you money. And from a finishes point of view, if you want black taps but your supplier doesn’t stock them, look elsewhere. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect.

5. Finishing touches
The finishing touches are what makes your bathroom yours. It’s the prints and plants and decorative touches that give your bathroom style. These are things you should ideally think about during the planning stage, but they can also be added in at the last minute. Plants look great in bathrooms and add a feeling of freshness to what could otherwise feel like quite a sterile room of the home.

Happy bathroom hunting!

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