Sunday 20 August 2017

Getting Ready For School With Debenhams

I am way organised when it comes to buying school uniform, in fact, this is the only area of my life where I excel at being ready on time. We are late for school most days, I never know which days are inset days and I often work frantically on deadline day, but, when it comes to school uniform, I have that sorted by the end of July. I think it is the fear of usually being behind that forces me to be so organised when it comes to uniform. If I wasn’t, there’s a good chance it would slip my mind altogether and Ebony would be forced to show up on her first day in scuffed shoes and ripped tights.

I buy her uniform from Debenhams. When she was in nursery, I bought bits from various shops and the Debenhams stuff seemed to last longer so that’s where I buy it all from now. She favours dresses over any other item, so I make sure we always have a couple of dresses. This dark grey bow applique pinafore dress (pictured) is just £9.60 and is my absolute favourite item, it just does not need ironing. Ever. It comes out of the dryer or off the maiden totally ready for school, which is exactly how I like it. The one she wore last year is still in really good condition so I’ve just bought one extra one for Year One (sob, how can she be going into Year One?!).

In the photos, you can also see the t-shirts I chose for her. I got the pack of two girls’ polo shirts which cost just £4, we still have lots of t-shirts from last year so I only bought one new pack. Although Ebony seems to have shot up over the summer holidays so I may live to regret that decision.

They have official school logo jumpers at Ebony’s school, but she’s not a big fan of them. I think she finds them too warm when she’s in class because they have the radiators on high most of the time. She much prefers taking cardigans although she rarely seems to wear them. I bought her a black V neck jumper from Debenhams for £4.80, it’s a better material than the official alternative so I’m hoping she’ll wear it to keep warm in the winter.

If you order this week, you'll get 25% Off* Schoolwear and School Shoes. The summer holidays are almost over, there’s just two weeks left, which is more than a little bit depressing. I’m loving having Ebony around all day, it’s beautiful watching her play with Ember all day long.

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