Tuesday 20 October 2015

Disney on Ice & a Review of Fun Warehouse

Laurie’s parents gave Ebony some tickets to see Disney on Ice in Manchester. Though she had no idea what to expect, she’s been looking forward to going. We went with her friend Daisy and I think Ebony was excited to spend some time with her friend again. We’ve not seen much of her since they both started at different nurseries, and I know Ebony misses her.

I knew that most of the kids in the audience would be dressed up, so when Fun Warehouse said we could review a costume from their range, I knew it would have to be a Disney one. The website is easy to use and there are loads of costumes to choose from. They had a good selection of Disney costumes and, if it had been up to me, we’d definitely have chosen the Mary Poppins one (it’s awesome, yeah?).

In the end, Ebony chose a Snow White costume to wear to the show. It cost £21.39, and the site had a good mix of costumes to suit all budgets. Once we’d decided which one we wanted, the costume arrived a couple of days later. It fit perfectly and Ebony was really pleased with it. The only bit that didn’t quite fit was the crown which Ebony said felt too tight. I am not blinded by a mother’s love, however, she doesn’t exactly have a pea head so that could have been part of the issue. We decided to leave the crown at home when we went to Disney on Ice.

The dress has a gold shimmery skirt which Ebony loves because it sparkles. It’s not too long so I didn’t have to worry about her tripping up in it (unlike many of the other costumes we’ve acquired over the years). She wore the dress on the way into Manchester and kept unbottoning her coat so people could see her new dress. Daisy went as Cinderella and they looked very sweet together in their costumes.

On our way to the venue we passed quite a few Elsa and Annas, but I didn’t spot another Snow White. I did see two tiny Tinkerbells who looked pretty sweet. The show was on at the MEN Arena which definitely isn’t called that anymore but I am behind the times. Anyway, it’s huge and I was a little worried that we might be sat really far from the stage. As it turned out, we were on the 10th row from the front so the seats were pretty good.

Ebony really enjoyed the show, I did too though I felt like the Cars segment was a bit of a cheat (no ice skating there, just cars driving around on the ice). Ebony enjoyed being Snow White so much that she kept it on for most of the day, so I ended up escorting Snow White to the Northern Vegan Festival that afternoon.

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