Tuesday 31 March 2015

Living Arrows 13/52

Ebony has a cold at the moment, and a serious case of the bad moods. I've been frantically trying to do work in the hope of not being behind on my workload when I get back from Amsterdam (eek!), and Laurie is equally as busy. In short, it's been a long weekend.

One of the worst things about trying to work from home is that I am constantly interrupted. Ebony finds excuses to come and see me, and lovely as that is, it interrupts my flow and makes it difficult to get things done. It's not all bad though. One of the best things about working from home is that I can hear Ebony and Laurie playing together, and the wonderful and weird games they come up with.

On Saturday, I went down to get a cup of tea and stumbled across two pirates in the midst of an attack. Ebony was holding a box of stolen jewels (marbles) and waving a sword (chopstick) while standing on the ship (sofa). I think Laurie is much better at imaginative play than I am, and can't help but feel a little jealous about these games they have.

Ebony wasn't very pleased when the game had to finish so that Laurie could cook tea, so I distracted her with some (not very professional) pirate-themed face painting. I've been buying up fancy dress costumes from the local charity shops, and had a pirates one hidden away so we dug that out too.

On Sunday, as I buckled down for more work, I could hear the two of them shouting and running around downstairs. A few minutes later Ebony appeared holding a treasure map. It was rolled up like a scroll, and burnt at the edges like a year 7 history project. I love how much fun Ebony has with her daddy, and how much they love playing together.
Living Arrows

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