Tuesday 24 March 2015

Living Arrows 12/52

All of a sudden, my little girl is a little older. She seems to have shot up all of a sudden, and is speaking more like a little girl than the toddler who wants chattered in my ear. I am plagued by the feeling that time is disappearing, as September grows ever closer and I know she will be leaving me for education. Ordinary moments suddenly seem all the more special, as the clocks tick loudly with the passing of time, a constant reminder that our time is running out. That in September we will be rushing out of the door, desperately trying to get to school on time, and the days of leisurely breakfast chats will be behind us. 

As was bound to happen sooner or later, I didn't quite manage to get my Living Arrows post in on time last week, so I'm tacking it onto the end here. 
Living Arrows

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