Tuesday 2 December 2014

Living Arrows: The Past Few Weeks

It's so close to the end of the year now, I thought I'd better catch up again before it's too late. This photograph was taken on Sunday, during a trip to The Lowry. We took Ebony to see Match, a play inspired by The Little Match Girl, a book we love. Ebony really enjoyed the play, and the huge Christmas tree in The Lowry, and the wide open space outside. We met my parents for dinner after, and whilst we were waiting for them to arrive, Ebony ran round at full speed, Mr Teddy Bear in hand

For the past couple of weeks, we have been spending the last hour of the day together making Christmas crafts in the conservatory. This is partly because our house is beyond cold, and the conservatory has its own heater which soon warms the room. And partly because Ebony loves arts and crafts and is so pleased to finally have a room she can make mess in. We made Christmas cards, and she spent hours totally fixated on it. We're now decorating baubles, and have a few more Christmas activities lined up to keep us entertained before the big day.

We're still pretty terrible at getting to all of our weekly activities (apart from Pub Tuesday, which we wouldn't miss for the world), but this photo was taken as we made our way to our usual Monday morning haunt. 

Role play has well and truly taken over my life. Ebony spends most of the day in an imaginary world. Either we're playing shopkeepers, cafes or doctors, or she's chattering away to her toys. It's so lovely to see, and I love hearing the things she comes up with. This photograph was taken during our first game of cafes. I may have been slightly (ahem) overexcited about the fact she was playing vegan cafes, but all the specials were her idea. 

On Bonfire night we toasted vegan marshmallows on a small barbecue in our back garden, before watching the fireworks. It was such a lovely night, and Ebony loved the marshmallows, obviously, because they are made of sugar. She was wrapped up warm, and spent most of the evening snuggled up on my knee. 

For Halloween, Ebony dressed up as a witch. Her costume was amazing (thanks, Tesco), and she loved flying around on her broom. Her best friend's lovely (not very) big sister did Ebony's face paint, which Ebony really didn't ever want to have to wash off. There were tears in the bath that night. 
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