Wednesday 31 December 2014

Living Arrows: The Final Countdown

I can't quite believe that this is the end of this year long photo project. I didn't manage to take good photos for all of the weeks, in fact I forgot many, many times. And I was rubbish at posting every week, but I really enjoyed taking part simply because it forced me to pick out my favourite photos, and encouraged me to reach for my camera more than I usually might.

The final photo! Laurie has taken quite a few days off over Christmas, and I've been trying to use this time to catch up on work. We've been trying to make sure we do something as a family every couple of days, so that we feel we've made the most of the Christmas break. The other day, we decided to go for a walk at Reddish Vale. For the first time in a longtime, Ebony was happy to run around in the cold, stomping on icy mud and hiding from the overly friendly geese.  

It was supposed to snow on Boxing Day night. It did, but not where we live. We could see snow in the distance though, so decided to head out and find some. We drove for about half an hour, then stopped at a snow-covered park. Ebony had her first ever go in the sledge, built her first ever snowball, and had her first ever snow-is-cold-I-want-to-go-home sobbing fit. Perfect.

Apologies for the crappy phone photo. Every Friday we visit my childminder friend and spend a few hours creating amazing things out of paint. At our annual Christmas party, Ebony decorated some gingerbread men, made a 2015 calendar and, whilst I was out of the room, managed to make me a secret Christmas present. Ebony loves nothing more than Friday craft days.

As a family, we managed to spend most of December with at least one cold virus in the house. Ebony was ill for a couple of weeks, and spent most of the time cuddled up in this onesie, falling asleep on my chest while I watched really crap (awesome) romantic comedies on Netflix.
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