Saturday 26 July 2014

Living Arrows 29/52

The weather has been so wonderful all week, and the builders are finally gone, so we've spent most of the week in the garden. The paddling pool has been full all week, with the slide leading into it, and that has kept Ebony entertained for hours on end. We've had picnics, barbecues, and invited friends round to play in the garden.

It was Laurie's birthday on Wednesday, so while he was busy at work, we used baking a cake as a nice excuse to escape the heat for a short while. We made a raspberry cake and it was absolutely delicious. We followed a recipe from Sweet Vegan (you can buy it here). We've so far tried the brownies and the raspberry cake, and both have been amazing. 

I think Ebony managed to consume her weight in sugar whilst we baked the cake, and then again by the time all the cake had gone (we had our last slices this afternoon). 
living arrows
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