Thursday 17 July 2014

Living Arrows 27/52 & 28/52

I'm not very good at getting these things done on time, am I? The past couple of weeks have been filled with snotty noses, sleepless nights and clinginess. The top photo was taken in our garden on a beautiful summer day. Our house is covered in scaffolding, and we've had workmen around for weeks, so our use of the garden has been limited. After the workmen left, we went out in the garden for some fresh air (read: in a desperate yet futile attempt to tire Ebony out before bed).

The bottom photo (which was actually taken earlier) was taken during the week of illness. Ebony was under the weather and had a fever and a suspicious spot which I was worried may develop into chicken pox, so we spent a couple of days at home. The second photo was taken on my phone whilst we were snuggled up under a blanket watching Homeward Bound.
living arrows

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